PATTY SOPITA started working as a piano teacher when she was studying for her bachelors degree in MUSIC EDUCATION in Thailand (2002-2006). She has over 14 years of experience teaching piano. Her goal as a piano teacher, is to share her love for music and play the piano with each student. All lessons are uniquely tailored to fit each student's strengths and weaknesses. Patty is well-liked by both students and parents for her infectious enthusiasm when conducting her piano lessons, and dedication in imparting her music skills to her students.
             She is a piano judge for National Federation of Music Clubs ( MFMC) , an organization that rates piano student performances in Michigan. Patty has experience teaching children with special needs, and trained in person-centered planning with children, adults and families, and connects with younger beginners as young as 3 years of age!
        Brian Long has been teaching students from ages 5 and up for over 13 years, and lessons are given at Fireside Church in Livonia, MI.

From beginner to advanced levels, his philosophy in teaching is reflective of the philosophy that students learn in different ways, and may have different goals. He truly believes it is his responsibility to find a path to comprehension to pursue each student's unique goals. Along with method books, chords and scales are introduced very early on. An optional annual recital in May is held at the church for young students.